This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Tekkit Classic 3.1.2 PvP Survival server with fact


Owner: GeneralClusters1
Co-Owner: Skoalin
Head-Moderator: repliCa96
Moderators: Splochy


  1. PvP is allowed, factions is installed
  2. No modded or hacked clients.
  3. No spamming chat.
  4. No lag causing machine(use gold pipes)
  5. No EMC exploits or other glitches/cheats/duplicating items.
  6. You are not entitled to items lost when killed.
  7. Build respectively( not infront of or next to someone elses structures)
  8. Use English in chat( use /msg or /tell for other languages to people)
  9. No Advertising
  10. Treat admins with respect, and they will respect you in return.

More info on our website or posted at spawn in game.

Our first goal as a relatively new server is to have at least 8-10 players playing at a given time. Of the 50 slots, we have less than 5 people playing at a given time, with influxes up to 12 and down to 0-1.

We take into consideration what the people of the server want. Banned items are rules are subject to change. We try to ban as few items as possible, but there have been some used to duplicate, grief, or can be used to make a banned item. 1

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