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Radraz Gamnig is a brand new server made by Sartex77

It is Factions PVP with Essentials Economy. is our website.

We have dedicated staff members and much, much more!

Our following rules are:

[1] &a Do Not Ask For GOD, OP, CREATIVE, ITEMS, Etc. You will not get this but instead you will be either Muted or Kicked.

[2] Do Not Abuse Glitches/Bugs. If you do, you will be either Tempbanned or Permbanned. Anyone who reports any Bug to the Owner or on the Forums will be rewarded depending on the Bug/Glitch on the server.

[3] Do Not Use Hacks Or Any Kind Of Cheating Mod(s). If Caught, You Will Be Permbanned. Feel Free To Appeal On Our Forums Though.

[4] Do Not Use Any Kind Of Texturepack That Can Help You In A Certain Way. Ex: X-Ray Texturepack. If Caught, You Will Be Permbanned. Feel Free To Appeal On Our Forums Though.

[5] Do Not Constantly Swear. You May Swear But Keep It Minimal And Don't Just Spam Or Flame. If You Do, You Will Be Muted For 5-10 Minutes.

[6] Do Not PVP Log. We Do Have An Anti-PVP Log Plugin So Even If You Do Log Off In The Middle Of PVP, You Will Still Be Able to Be Harmed And Possibly... Die.

[7] If You Are Part Of Our Staff Team And You Abuse Your Privileges, You Will Not Only Be Demoted But Tempbanned For 1 Day And Be Frowned Upon For Your Acts.

[8] Advertisng Other Servers Will Result In A 3 Day Jail And Mute. You Can Appeal For A Unjail/Mute On The Forums.

[9] &a Please Be Kind To Other Players. Respect Everyone As You Would Respect Yourself. Disobeying This Rule Won't Result In Any Punishment Unless If Its Against A Staff Member But... You Will Probably He Hated By Lots Of People. XD

[10] Any Racism, Sexual Remarks, Offensive Skins, Inappropriate Structures, Etc, Will Not Be Tolerated. You Will Be Punished Depending On The Offense You Commited.

[11] Stealing, Griefing, Raiding, Killing, Is All Legal. You May Raid And Grief Peoples Buildings.

[12] Disobeying The Rules... Really? Do I Dare Need To Explain? :)

[13]And Most Importantly... Have Fun. :D

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