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SugoiCraft Tekkit Classic


General information

Server is a factions PvP server although we have an option to play without them. By using "golden showel" you can make non faction claims. Faction raiding is allowed. Raiding non faction aka "golden shovel claim" results BAN. Explosions on the ground don't break blocks. Both faction and "golden shovel" claims are protected 3 blocks underground and everything above the ground. Lava and water can only by placed underground or in claims. Beware that server constantly cleans items on the ground so do not drop them. WE WON'T REFUND LOST DROPPED ITEMS. The safest place to keep items are in the alchemy bags. PvP is always on even if you're playing in your "golden shovel" claim. You're responsible for your own protection. You can get killed in your claim. You cannot use two types of claim at the same place. This results ban. Beware that normal chests claim "golden shovel" type of claim around them so if you're using faction claims type in that area "/abandonclaim". Spawn is protected: No items can be placed, drop, picked, destroyed. To allow others access your protections type "/cmodify". To give access others to build on your "golden shovel" claim type "/trust". Don't spam chat there is auto banning system.

2023-02-17 Update: After three years server is reopen again. Due to missing files it needs a lot of testing.

The best cracked server out there. Its online since 2015 and still rockin! There is Discord server if you want to join our community:
The server replied:
After 3 years server is back. Now in the testing phase. Leave your feedback at discord
Posted 26th Jun 2018