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VisionCraft Tekkit [32 slots][Open][Mulit-world][A


VisionCraft is a server collection which includes tekkit and vanilla minecraft. Since you want to play tekkit ill tell you everything there is on our outstanding tekkit server.

We are a Mutli-world server which has a Hardcore, Peaceful, creative and events worlds. There is something for everyone at VisionCraft Tekkit!

Hardcore World: Our hardcore world tries to bring the dark side of you by the fact that everything is allowed apart from hacking. In tekkit there is so many different weapons which bring with then great features therefore why not use the to the max? Monsters on the server is on hard so that the you can practice your PvE stills before you get yourself in an epic dual with another player.

Peaceful world: The peaceful world is for anyone who loves to work with players to great towns, villages or factory without the worry of being attacked. We have Anti-griefing and raiding plugins install so that we can always find the bad eggs. Griefers and raiders are never allowed so they will be banned from the world for life so you don't have to worry about them. Players have to donate just £1 or $1.5 to get into the world just so we get 100% trusted players.

Creative World: Since tekkit has so many different mods it hard to understand if your machine will work or not, this is where the creative world becomes useful! In our creative world, you are given a huge plot of land to build almost anything you want (apart from anything laggy or ugly). Donators get up to 3 plots which gives to tons and tons of place to build.

Events world: Once a week our event world is given a deep clean which is when we upload a brand new map, it could be from a sky islands to custom maps. There is always something to do on the events world. The world is sometimes PVP however does depend on the map. This is normally one of our favorite worlds to go on just because it so much fun!

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