This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Slots: 12

Dedicated server hosted in the UK online 24/7. (Excluding update periods and general maintenance.)

Some general rules:

  • We will not teleport people by request, so do not ask, but we may offer.
  • We will not give items on request, but again we may offer.
  • Please do not steal, borrowing from friends is always fine but do make * sure this appropriate in advance.
  • If you break something ... fix it. Or ask for help.
  • No Griefing. (Pranking is encouraged)

Consideration for other players and the server:

  • Please keep the place tidy, dont leave floating trees or blocks. It ruins our immersion.
  • Keep items off the floor! Very important. Do not allow chests to become full if they are receiving items from a quarry for example and double check all pipework for breaks.
  • There are enough resources in the world already without creating such contraptions as blaze rod duplicators. This is allowed but is it really needed?
  • If you see someone in need of help, feel free to do so. Some people like the learning curve so do ask first.

The plugins we use on the server generally do not affect gameplay and are for admin/op/mod use only other than Safe Creeper. If this offends you then please do not hesitate to mention this to 'rustytools' and I am sure he will oblige in wearing a creepers skin and chasing you round ALL day with dynamite.

Just leave a little information about yourself and what you could bring to our server, tell us about the things you like to make most and what makes you laugh and you can be added to the white list to see if you enjoy the challenge of helping us start our new world. You must include your age.

The world has just been generated from scratch with a new seed and the current somewhat overgrown spawn is in the middle of a medium sized jungle biome. There are a mix of other types of biome in various directions and we ask that you make your way away from spawn when joining in a timely fashion and keep going until your hunger bar is low. You may build where you wish but please consider any pre-existing dwellings or facilities when choosing your spot. Feel free to check with an op/mod if where you would like to build is suitable and you will always get a little food and some basic tools for using manners.

Thanks for reading all the above and if you skipped most of it then you need not apply. :)

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