This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Stranded Tekkit Server


Hello, PokemonBlack1 and the other staff here saying, Welcome to the Stranded Server for Tekkit. We have few banned items, such as listed later on in this description. We have a rank system, and if you stay on the server long enough and keep close to the rules, we'll rank you up, so don't beg to get a rank-up because you won't.

Slaves (Default)
Builder (Will come when you're ready)
??? (Better than builder, means you're on the server longer)
Moderator (Can't get, only friends)
Dictator's Bitch (Admin, only the people who helped me make the server)
SupremeOverlordDictator (Owner, PokemonBlack1's Rank)

Banned items:
Mining Laser
Mining Turtle
Force Field and other parts to it
Black Hole Bands

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