This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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TekkitInc [Companies][Economy][Towns]



                                                 ABOUT US

So you just joined the server well number 1 red the spawn info and rules then find a CEO [company owner rank] that wants to hire some employees [rank you start with] The CEO starts paying you and you get about 3000 $ [enough for a company and a extra 1000 $] and you decide you want to start your own you go back to spawn and click on the warp sign you go FAR FAR away and find a nice little clearing and decide to make your company. You start hiring some employees and buisness is booming because your selling all your products with the Auction plugin you decide to expand and give your employees some plots and eventually your employees move on and you hire some new ones.....and maybe....just stay on long enough to get some rank like moderator....also did i mention you cant be pvped for half an hour once you join


-CEO[apply for a company]
-Trial Staff[Apply]
-Co-Owner[highly unlikely unless your worthy to the owner]
-Owner[Not happening in a billion years]

                                    How to start a company:

So you decided you want a company....Well perfect just go on the forumsand apply for one once you have joined the website....SIMPLE.

                                    WARNING NEWCOMERS:

When you join there will be no towns as of right now so FOR NOW [limited
time] When you apply you will receive 3000$ to start your town but its harder to apply.

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