This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Novacraft Tekkit
Novacraft come join us for the best Tekkit experience!

On top of just Tekkit we also offer a wide variety of different plug-ins and events so you
can get the most out of your time played on our server.

Mob Arena - Mob Arena is a plug-in where you can fight to win prizes! the further into the rounds you get the better items you get! diamonds, dark matter, machines, and more!

Player Market - We offer a Market that's completely run by players at our spawn town! here you can make whatever you wish and sell them for any currency you desire! Dark Matter and Red Matter are used as the base currency but you're not required to use them.

Banned Items - The only items banned are the items that pose a direct threat to the server or the player-base, there's very few banned items and some of them you can even get by donating.

Custom Islands - We offer custom World-Guarded islands with extra perks (depending on donation) This items is yours and can't be touched by anyone other than who you chose.

Donation Packs - We offer a wide variety of items that you can donate for and have an edge against the competition. Quantum Armor, Gem Armor, Solar Packets, you can also donate to have a custom nickname!

Event Map - We also host events such as Hunger Games and Race for Wool! We give notice in advance about when the games will be and give excellent prizes to the winners!

So come play with us on Novacraft!

Banned items and rules:
• Quantum suit (Obtained if you donate)
• Red gem armor (Obtained if you donate)
• Red Matter: Katar, Morning Star, Hammer
• Any energy collectors
• REPs
• Dark Matter and Red Matter Furnaces
• Black Hole Band
• Void Ring
• Ring of Arcana
• Ring of Ignition
• Amulets
• Disk Drives
• Any lenses
• Turtles

Stealing items off a corpse is okay.
Stealing items from a chest is not okay.
Stuff stolen from a non-locked chest is your problem, do not bother us with it, look up how to lock stuff with Lockette.
Griefing is not okay and will get you banned.

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