This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Why to play on TechCraft. I try to make the server a open friendly community for anyone to join and play. Everyone is welcome.
BOSEconomy = The economy plugin that TechCraft choose to use.

ChatManager = The chat plugin and manager TechCraft uses.

ChestShop = The shop plugin for TechCraft that allows server shops and player run shops.

CreativeGates = The Gates we use for people to travel at spawn.

Drugmeup = Adds just some fun to the game for everyone to have

EnderChop = a replacement for choptree since it was removed.

Essentials = A plugin that adds many more commands for both staff and players to use.

LogBlock = How we catch all the griefers and rule breakers.

LWC = A chest and item protection plugin for everyone to use as they wish.

Minecars = Makes minecarts driveable with out rails on black wool

MobBounty = gives you money for killing monsters.

MultiVerse = A plugin that allows us to offer multiple worlds to players.

PermissionsEX = The servers permissions plugin.

SignRank = How we rank our players at spawn.

SafeCreeper = stops creepers from doing damage to blocks.

Showcase = the shop plugin that we are now using replacing chestshop for us.

SimpleRestart = allows us to have auto restarts.

Towny = A town plugin that allows towns for people to live in.

Vanish no packet = A plugin for staff to creep on others.

Votifier = How we reward players for voting for us on server list websites.

WorldBoarder = A world limited so we don't have huge world files for

Worldedit = A plugin for us to shape our world into what we want.

WorldGuard = Allows us to protect multiple objects.

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