This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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iCraftTekkit-[No Lag][Dedicated][No Whitelist][EE



iCraftTekkit is a new server for tekkit! I'm going to keep this post simple so you guys can join! Everything is enabled but for griefing and raiding. We got some banned items to keep the server FUN and fair and enjoyable for all! So lets continue on with the info!

IP Is The Last Thing! ~ We Recommend reading all the info ~ !

Banned Items:

  • Nova Catalyst
  • Nukes
  • TNT is nerfed so No Damage to Terrain
  • Forcefields
  • Zero Ring
  • Ring of Ignition
  • Black Hole banned

Main ones. Rest at spawn!

Can't Join?

Are you getting an Error on Joining? Like Forge Build [Something] , If you are follow the steps below to connect with out ERROR!

  1. Open Technic Launcher
  2. Put in your Login Details [Dont Login]
  3. Click Options
  4. Select "Manual Build Selection"
  5. Find the Scroll Down Box and Select the Latest Build [Current Latest Build "3.1.2"
  6. Once you have selected the latest build click "Clear Cache"
  7. Then Click "Okay"
  8. Login
  9. Wait for the Mods to be downloaded and updated
  10. Once on the Minecraft Page select "Multiplayer"
  11. Click Add Server
  12. Minecraft Server Name: iCraft Tekkit
  13. IP ->
  14. Click Done
  15. Join Server!

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