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Think Sims 2-3/SimCity 4/Populous...
Houses/Cities that are slowly created by members, something they take pride in building and showing to other players.
Or smaller quiet out of the way villages for people that want to be more secluded but still have protection.
You can even live ‘In the wild’, with NO taxes as a lone wolf, but also NO protection so hide your valuables well.

We are working for a "simulation" server of sorts, we have villages, a main hub, village taxes, global and personal 24/7 markets..and much much more! Slowly grow from nothing to a huge city to be proud of!

It’s about building "cities and villages" by the members of them, working slowly to dig/build/create the cities they can be proud of and call their own, from scratch.
This is a more mature server with coordination and teamwork, strict regulation and rules for a growing civilization to keep order.

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