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Luniata - [pvp][open][towny][mcjobs]


Hi There!!
Welcome to my server of Luniata!

My server is all about just having fun and checking out everyone's awesome creations!!
I am allowing almost every item in Tekkit, but the ones I don't allow are nukes and other common tools of destruction and that bypass my plugin protection or anything is ban worthy/against the rules

I have around 20 or so active players, with around 7-10 people on at all times. I always listen to the players and try and work with the needs of everyone. I will never abuse, nor do I now, my admin powers and just want everyone to have a good time and have fun.

I'm still fairly new at this entire process, so please bare with me. I've had this server up for IRL friends for about over a year now, so we decided to make it public to see what other people can make of it!!

Yes this is a PvP server so you're able to harm other people and possibly plunder chests. However we use Towny so you can team up and pay to protect your plot of land holding all treasures. The MCJobs plugin allows you up to 3 jobs where you can earn money pretty easily, and with the help of friends pay for Towny to overcome people wanting to take your hard earned items!

With that being said though we still have rules:
No Racism

No Griefing outside the PvP System

No Whining

No Hacks/Cheating - Your IP will be banned.

No Spawn Camping (pvp)

Just Be Respectful of Others

No White/Greylist, But I'll still IP ban if need be

As you can see, not too many rules. I just ask that you treat others the way you'd like to be treated as well.

My Plugin system is carefully taken care of and monitored daily!
Here is a list of the plugins you get to use!










Dragon Travel

Join The Facebook Group:




Update to 3.1.2

Server Up 24/7

Banned Items:


Modded forms of TNT

Destruction Catalist

World Anchors

Dark/Red Matter Tools/Armor


Some Nano Stuff

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