This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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CreeperTekk | Tekkit Classic | Cracked, Lag-free a


CreeperTekk | Tekkit Classic | Cracked, Lag-free and New!

TeamSpeak³: or

== The Server ==

  • We are 24/7 online!
  • Guaranteed lag-free!
  • Tekkit Classic Modpack
  • Friendly and Active Admins are always there for you!
  • Technical help for Machines from Admins.

== The Rules ==
Don't build near the Spawn.
Don't dupe or cheat.
Don't ask for items.
Be friendly.
Don't Spam in Chat.
Build your Machines efficient for the Server ( Lag-free, don't build them if you dont use them ).
And the last and the most important one: The Admins have the last word.

== Banned Items ==
All Weapons
All Anchors
All Transport Pipes
Wireless Reciever / Jammer
Howler Alarm
Item/Liquid Un-/loader
Cart Dispenser
Black Hole Chest
Crystal Chest
All Dynamites
All TNT's
Dark Matter Pedestal
End Portal
Block Breaker
Forcefield Block-Cutter Upgrade
Forcefield Underwater Upgrade
Blackhole Band
Ring of Arcana
Wireless / Mining Turtle

Why are these items Banned? Reason: You can easily grief with them, even when the Spawn or the Building is Protected.
Another Reason is that you can Dupe Items with some of the Banned Items.

== Our Spawn ==

== Closing words ==

We hope that our Server will make you a lot of fun!

If you have questions, criticism or suggestions for improvement, please tell them the Admins ingame or in our Teamspeak.

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