This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Server rules
No Spamming
No Griefing
Don’t cry over getting griefed
English only in chat
Don’t ask to be an OP
No Duping
Don’t Act Childish
Do Not Cause Lag

Mod information on the base Tekkit Pack
    No Mods are disabled

A list of all banned items.
    All Rings
    All Bands
    All Amulets
    RM DM Furnace
    Red Matter Armour
    watch of flowing time
    Divining Rod
    World Anchors / Tether (Lag)
    Quarry (Lag)
    All TNT or related items (Lag and can bypass plugins)
    RM Hammer, morning star, Katar (Can bypass plugins)
    Wireless REP (Can bypass plugins)
    Destruction Catalyst (Can bypass plugins)
    Mining laser (Can bypass plugins)
    Quantum Suit (To over powering)
    MK2/MK3 Collectors (To over powering)
    Transmutation Table (duping glitch)

Major plugins on your server
    Residence are available for everyone to use
    LWC protects all chests and your IC items
    Boarder Guard is in use to reduce Lag

The expected uptime
    The Server is Hosted in France and should be available 24/7
    If maintenance is needed on the Tekkit server an announcement will be made unless it is an emergency

    You will have no access when joining the server until you have completed the application.
    After completing the application please log in to server and out for you profile to be created on the server so that an admin can add you to the correct group with permission to build when they are online.
    A reply will be send to you if you are accepted.
    You can also visit the server website showing the status of the server.

o IGN:

o Age :

o Have you been banned before :

o What was the reason :

o Why do you want to join the server :


o I am aware that there are many banned items on the server but I will not whine about them, If I do you can ban me for the day and I am happy with that and will not complain.

o In addition I Certify I'm not a griefer, I don't beg for items and I will do my best to not cause additional work for Admins or lag the server!

o I am aware that I also need to log on to the server for my profile to be added.

o Signed: ___ (your name)

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