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Bauscraft Tekkit Factions Pvp (Unique Ranking Syst


Bauscraft Tekkit Factions Pvp

About the Server

-Hardcore Ranking system Unlocking Banned items as you rank up!
-Unique Player Built Economy Including Player Shops
-We allow Enderpearl, Boat, Water, Lava Glitching
-Griefing is Allowed!
-Anyone can open any chest in faction lands there is no protection
-Cannons are enabled in faction lands. Making it easier to destroy blocks ontop of chests
-Pvp Zones like no others
-Scamming is allowed
-Most EE is enabled
-Can make Quantum except the chest
-Alchemy bags and private vaults are disabled
-Admin and Donator shops for players who want to buy in quantity
-Weekly Event
-Awesome Perks for Donating and Voting
-Auto ranks that award Kits and money for your time in game currently 16 ranks

Plugin List

Factions +


-Red Matter Furnace
-Blackhole Chest
-World Anchor
-Red Morning Star
-Watch of flowing time
-Quantum Chest
-Abyss Armor
-Destruction Catalyst
-Black hole Band

Staff Members

Owner: Yourmajestey
Owner: Arnoldcosby
Admin: Sogbo

We are in need of staff!!
Apply for Staff @

Vote for the server @

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