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AC3-Servers LogoKind-Bukkit

AC3-Servers & Kind-Bukkit

We are an amazing group of servers. With a great community, Beautiful buildings, and fun gameplay!

We have 3 main gamemodes.

  • Creative
  • Survival
  • SkyBlock

All with greif prevention, such as PlotMe, Factions and WorldGuard!

Although, because there is greif prevention, doesn't mean you can't greif. There are ways in which all builds (Apart from spawns etc...) are left unprotected. Try your hardest to win.


With such an amazing community. You can make great new friends and go to war with your enemies!

We try and keep our banned item list as minimal as we can.
So in survival only the following items are banned:

  • World Anchor
  • Dimensional Anchor
  • Teleport tether
  • White alchemical bag
    Now you're probably thinking O.o Why the bag.. Unfortunately there is an un-fixable bug in which you can take items from creative into the survival world. Only the white bag's are affected.

We use factions! YES the one you know.. Previously we've used Towny and it didn't go so well. So here you are! Factions again.. No the owner doesn't like it but oh well...


We offer a unique and individual approach to creative.

If you want to build parts of the human body you do so. But there are ranks, linking to you're affection and the part of the body you make...

Again, we have minimal banned items in creative, including the list from Survival, there is the Transmutation tablet and table. The enderchest's mod, buildcraft, and tubestuffs.

Again, these are to optimise server performance and stop bugs. All for better game play of corse!

If you wish to learn ComputerCraft, hit me up!! My in game name is acecheesecr14, or Gran_Daddie... I have grown extremely fond of the mod.


No I haven't made a fancy title yet xD...

I don't know any other Tekkit Classic server's with skyblock. But we were definatly the 1st to do so (With success).

It is an extremely thrustrating game mode. Especially if you loose that one item you need!

All the tekkit items are accessible! Using the alchemical tome and transmutation tablet.

See if you can do better than I can...

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