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Elevation Gaming
Tekkit - Towny - CoreProtect - iConomy - EE

Server info:
Elevation Gaming is THE new Tekkit server. We offer you balance in Tekkit, meaning that all those dupes are fixed/disabled so everyone has a fair chance on making his own massive town/factory.

At the moment we have one main world, based for Non Griefing & Towny. We're working on a second world with PvP & griefing enabled.

The team:
We are currently looking for new members in our team, but we do not pick someone in the first 5 minutes they play. If you come on the server and you begin begging for any rank you will be muted/banned.

Now our team:

Owner: Amigos(z)/Senne --- Mail me!
Owner: Songason/Sonny --- Mail me!

Admin: PrinceAidan


As you all probably already know Tekkit is full of bugs. That's why we had to disable some items for you players.

Here's a list:

  • Nuke
  • Black Hole Band
  • Transmutation Tablet
  • All explosives (TNT, iTNT, Nova Catalyst,...)
  • Destruction Catalyst
  • Catalytic Lens
  • Evertide Amulet
  • Volcanite Amulet
  • Harvest Godess Band
  • Void Ring
  • Mercurial Eye
  • Ring of Arcana
  • Watch of Flowing Time
  • RM Furnace
  • Cannon
  • Igniter
  • World Anchor
  • Teleport Tether
  • Dimensional Anchor
  • Zero Ring

ComputerCraft: You are able to use the pastebin get command!

Here on Elevation Gaming we have designed an unique ranking system. By making certain items you can rankup and earn access to new items.

The ranks are listed ingame

If you have the items you need to rankup, talk to an admin/owner and (s)he'll promote you!
This is to prevent players from getting resources in no time using EE. It also forces new players to play a bit on the server before joining/starting a town.

If you have any tips/suggestions for this system, mail 'em to us!

If you have any more questions, please do ask them here.

Elevation Gaming
Tekkit - Towny - CoreProtect - iConomy - EE

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