This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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TacoCraft Tekkit


TacoCraft is what we like to call a "Rated R" server. Therefore, there will be strong language, from both staff members and players. If this will offend you, I do not recommend joining.

TacoCraft has very few restrictions, and those restricted are for valid reasons. For example,
The solar arrays are limited to 50 of each kind per person. Why? Because if each person places 200+ then the server lags itself to oblivion! (Trust us, we've had it happen.)
Our rules have been thought through and balanced so that EVERYONE can have a good time on the server. Complaining about the rules will get you nowhere. However, that doesn't mean if multiple people complain that we won't listen. We take every piece of input we get into consideration.
TacoCraft is always looking for staff members! However, if you try to ask us about becoming staff, don't ever expect to get it.

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