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Liccixcraft is a server for people who enjoy mods like buildcraft and industialcraft, so to play here, you need tekkit.
Also ops help you as much as they can, and to ensure that we have the best possible staff, then everyone has to go through a trial set by the current ops. This server isn't, unfortunately 24/7 as it is run on a home machine, but it also have a ton of ram dedicated, so you are almost 100% sure not to encounter lag, if you happen to, then it's because there is a problem with the Internet connection.
Also we are using several plugins to prevent grief, including towny. Guides to the plugins will be available at spawn. Also we are using an economy plugin, which means that you can buy plots at spawn and thereby help building the server.
By the way, the main goal is to build, even though you can attack other players. EE have been limited, so you can’t directly access the energy condenser, the energy collector, or the transmutation table.
Guides to what you can do are available at spawn. As are the rules
Ohh and we have no approval program, so you are free to join. Though we doesn’t like people who cheat, or are a pest in the chat..... We have ways of dealing with those...
See you soon at
Zlepper out.

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