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Cracked Tekkit Classic Server 24/7 No-Lag Not many


Dantek is a Tekkit classic server that i cracked and runs online 24/7 no lag and great staff when they want to be lol

1.No Spamming.
2.No Hacking
3.No Advertisng
4.No Griefing
5.To toggle pvp do /pvp
6.Do not dupe
7.Do not ask for ranks and staff has we arn't asking for any staff atm.
8.Do not ask for op has it gets annoying over time.
9/No spawn killing
10.Read rule 6 dupe is not allowed sorry.

All Bores
All Alarms?
Nova Catalyst
Ring of ingintion?
Item Loader
Harvest Band
+The rest are for you to find out :)

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