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Kings of Tekkit Classic


Welcome To Kings of Tekkit

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DISCLAIMER!!!!!!! Timers are set to 0.750 and world anchors are semi "hard" to get read below! (No limits other then that)

24/7 No Lag
We are Kings of Tekkit. We bring you our new SURVIVAL server.
Build an amazing base with tons of factories and an amazing view.
We have protected all your blocks items and containers so feel no fear, just claim your land with a golden shovel.
EMC Farms are allowed and no limits at that!

This will provide a more royal experience ;)


A very small amount of items will impact your gameplay (probably non)
Jump on the server go to /banned


World Anchors are allowed, but need to be obtained through Voting/ING-Money
More coming soon!!

Now join and build something AMAZING!!!!

Forced login system is annoying and bugs so you can't move but are falling when you join so you can't enter the login command either. DO NOT USE YOUR ACTUAL PASSWORDS FOR THIS! The server, and anyone with access to it, can likely see and access all passwords used for the server!

Banned items aren't listed anywhere.

Server says it has custom plugins, but they're just rebranded/edited copies of premade plugins. (core antigrief is griefprevention, core autorank is autorank)

No info other than the rules and playtime ranks listed anywhere. I'd pass on this server.
The server replied:
This server is a cracked tekkit classic server, Hence the forced login, 90% of our players are cracked accounts. Also the passwords are not stored in plain text. they are encrypted with blowfish. So your passwords are safe and unknown to us the owners.
Sure banned items are only listed on the discord. And all the "rebranded" plugins are coded from the ground up by our dev so we have more better integration with the mods in the modpack.
You clearly havent played on the server for more then 1 seconds go back and Kiss your favorite server Unknowntekkit.
Also industrial craft 2's Energy net has been completly recoded and remade to make its so Ic2 the mod doesnt lag the server.
Posted 27th May 2020
Me like server is good, okay but i cant find banned items
Posted 31st Mar 2020