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Now 500 slots! No need to worry about lag, we have many good plugins installed to help us reduce unwanted entites.

We are a fairly new server that started off as a small Tekkit server about 2 months ago, about 1 month into it we broke off into a 250 slot Bukkit server. Today we are a 500 (100 reserve) slot server (biggest Tekkit server)! Best thing about a new server is that everyone has a fresh start, so everyone will be on the same page when you join in the first few days.

How to make an amazing server:
best plugins, staff, very few banned items, and zero lag and let me tell you, we have all of those covered.
Our website is a work in progress but feel free to check us out.
Donation ranks are listed on the website, only way to keep this server going is to donate, (Archlord donators get Gem armor and a Destruction Catalyst)

Server IP:

(we are currently looking for Helpers, apply here





Feel free to say hello to any of them, they would love the attention and will always be happy to help.

(Many more to come!)

-No Griefing un guarded areas (no griefing inside a town)
-Please respect all Staff, we strive to help you all so please be kind
-Any banned items in use will equal permanent ban
-Don't use caps
-Swearing is fine, unless its used excessively

Banned Items:
TnT: 46
ITNT: 239
RM Furnace: 27532
Ring Of Ignition: 27533
Infernal Armor: 27579
Void Ring: 27593
Nuke: 237
Nova Catalyst: 126:10
Nova Cataclysm: 126:11
Sticky Dynamite: 30214
Dynamite: 26522, 30215
Evertide Amulet: 27530
Volcanite Amulet: 27531
Black Hole Band: 27532,:1
Black Hole Chest: 194:2
Ring of Arcana: 27584.*
TnT Cart: 7270
Destruction Catalyst: 27527

(That may look like a lot of banned items, but in reality, its only the bombs and a few ee items. Remember there are still hundreds of other items that are in Tekkit).

The Server:

  • 2 Quad core processors running at 3.2 Ghz.
  • 32Gb's of Ram/Memory
    -64Gb SSD
    -Intel Xeon E3 1245v2
    -100 Mbps, guaranteed

Server IP:

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