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MLP HG is a My Little Pony themed Hunger Games Server. You must fight to the death with other ponies and the last standing surviving pony wins! The current winning champ will have their name in gold and they will have access to all the kits as long as they remain the champ,so make sure to target and take that pony first to weaken the competition!

How To Select A Kit

The rules are very simple: select your kit by typing /kit [NAME] for example type: /kit Applejack to get access to that kit. If you want to know information about the kit,make sure to type: /kitinfo [NAME] to know information about that specific kit.

You will be unable to use the chat until you have selected your kit. This prevents spammers and whiners from ruining the game. If you do not select a kit,you will start with nothing but a compass.

How To Find Other Ponies

Left click the compass given to you to track down the closest pony to you. The compass will always point to the pony closest to you. Hunt them down!

Love & Tolerance

Once the match starts you will have 120 seconds to run away from the other ponies as far as possible. Once the time is up,you are free to love and tolerate the utter living S**T out of them!

How To Purchase Kits

You can purchase kits for as low as $1,this helps our server continue running and inject as much My Little Pony goodness into our veins that we could ever want.

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