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Mineville Detention Center!

Server Info
Mineville Detention Center is a new Prison Server. We are one of the fastest growing Prison Servers in Minecraft. We are also currently looking for new staff. There is more info about how the Server Works Below





Sr Warden





Prison Staff


PM to be added to the list if I have forgotten you.

Server Rules

No hacked clients
No mods/3rd party programs
No transparent texture packs
No spamming
No cussing
No advertising
No harassment
No prison griefing or major griefing
No exploiting, bugs, glitches, or loopholes.
No lava griefing bases, players, or otherwise.
No using flint & steel to grief bases, players, or otherwise.
No buying premium items/services with in-game currency - Will result in a ban for the buyer and seller.

Rank Info


This is the first rank which comes with many features. The main things you will do in IV is: Mine (Worst but good for resources) Then there is the tree farm which is the best thing to do at this rank as it will give you the most money per hour, and per axe! We will insert a fish pond soon, but we think this is enough to get you started; IV is small; but effective. You will be beaten to death due to it being the roughest area of the prison.


  • Stone Mine
  • Tree Farm

This is the second rank of our Prison; unlike Bambie III has two mines and less violence due to less PvP areas. Again, you can mine, marry, and cut wood.


  • Dirt Mine
  • Sandstone Mine
  • Tree Farm

Third rank of the Prison. II has two mines, better prices and less violence. This is a piece of cake.


  • Netherrack Mine
  • Endstone Mine

Last rank my beauties. You will be out of the Prison in no time! I has two mines, better prices with no PvP areas at all. There is also a Mob Farm for xp and a Pig Farm for food. There will also be private furnace areas.


  • Snow Mine
  • Endstone Mine
  • Mob Farm
  • Pig Farm
  • Private Smelting Areas

You are Free! You now have access to Freeville. You now are able to begin prestige.

Prestige is a separate prison with harsher conditions than the main one. This is the last prison you will face. At the end of Prestige, you will obtain the rank, Citizen!

Prestige Ranks:

[Chick]Cost-265k (Donor-200k)
The first rank of the Prestige System. Mob spawning enabled everywhere.

[Spider]Cost-555k (Donor-475k)
The second Rank of the Prestige System. Mob spawning is enabled everywhere and you will be facing harsh dark conditions.

[Zombu]Cost-950k (Donor-475k)
The very last rank of the Prestige System. You will soon be getting out of the hell hole.

[Citizen]Cost-1500k (Donor-1000k)
You are finally free once again… You are the top rank and nobody dares to mess with you. You now have extra perks like being able to create your own town.

Want to become Guard?

Guard Guidelines:

  • Use /jail [offender] [time] to jail
  • Jail offenders for 5 minutes first offence, 10 minutes second offence, 20 minutes third offence. Never perm jail for small offences
  • Jail Tree Farm griefers for 30 minutes minor offence, or for major offence you perm jail the offender then contact a Warden or Head-Guard. If the offender does 2 minor offences in a row, perm jail them and contact a Warden or Head-Guard.
  • If contraband is seen, call for it by counting down from 5 to 1 and if the offender doesn’t hand it do you, kill them in PvP or jail them if they are in non-PvP. Example of countdown- [offender] Sword. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 > if handed over stop countdown, if the offender hasn’t handed the sword, jail in Non-PvP or kill them in PvP.
  • If the offender runs away from a countdown, instantly jail them.
  • Instantly jail campers.

Guard Rules:

  • Follow all Server Rules
  • Never kill someone for fun
  • Do not store/sell guard kits
  • Include the secret word “monkey” anywhere in your app to have your application pending
  • Use common sense

Guard Application
1) IGN:
2) Age:
3) How long have you been playing on the Server:
4) Do you have experience guarding:
5) How long can you play every week:
6) Have you ever received a ban:
7) Are you passionate about guarding:
8) Why should we pick you as guard:

Want to become a Chat Mod?

What is the purpose of a Chat Mod?
A Chat Mods job is to help the Wardens and to distribute the Staffs jobs and work on the To Do List. Chat Mods help answer questions and take care of the chat.

Chat Mod Guidelines:
Reasons to mute-

  • Minor Chat Spam
  • Minor Racism
  • Use of caps
  • Players not reasoning to instructions
  • Minor Staff disrespect
    Reasons to ban-
  • Advertisement
  • Major Racism
  • Auto/Bot Spam
  • Major Staff disrespect
  • Suicide Spam
    All details on how long to mute/ban will be stated in the Mod Room.

Chat Mod Application:
1) IGN:
2) How long have you played on the Server:
3) Have you been banned or muted:
4) If you have been banned or muted why and for long was your punishment for:
5) How long can you Moderate the Chat for every week (in hours):
6) Do you have any recommendations from an Admin or Mod:
7) Do you believe that you can be a great Mod:
8) Are you passionate about becoming a Mod:
9) Why should we pick you for Mod:

Ban Appeal:
Have you been banned or temp banned? You can submit a ban appeal.
1) IGN:
2) When were you banned:
3) Is it a temp ban or perm ban:
4) What rank are you:
5) Why were you banned:
6) Do you admit fault:
7) Why should you be unbanned:
8) Any other info:

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