This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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This is are awesome server!
Just an over viewon the spawn!

Brand spanking new server. Better hosting, no lag. Equivalent Exchange.


1.) Don't exploit glitches and bugs
2.) Don't advertise
3.) No spamming
4.) Don't use banned items
5.) Keep cursing to a minimum
6.) No griefing/raiding
7.) Don't purposely lag
8.) Keep PVP to the Arena
9.) Respect Authority
10.) Be nice
11.) Don't hax
12.) No begging Admins or Mods for items/permissions
13.) Have fun!

We just revamped the entire server. EE is enabled. The economy is entirely EMC based, no outside currency's. Fun! Awesome plugins. Amazing staff. Join today!

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