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Welcome to LeedleCraft. We are a multiworld server and have a nice community and dedicated players. We have a Pvp world, Creative world, and 3 SurvivalGames maps! We are looking for players that like to have fun with their community.

Different worlds have different purposes
The spawn world or "PvP" is a pvp world where griefing and mayhem outside of spawn is allowed and only the main rules apply (You can find these on the ruleboard at spawn).

Creative is a place where you can build in peace and never be afraid of being griefed. We have an advanced plugin that lets you claim plots where you and your friends only can build without worrying about other players! We do ask though to really try and make the best build you can instead of a box house or pyramid house, We ask this because we really want our players to be proud of their builds and all of its greatness.

The multiple SurvivalGames world host a quick and fun place to play SG where YOU can start games and have great times! The survivalgames hub is located at the spawn of the pvp world if you head directly left of where you spawn. There are three different worlds that all have different themes and secrets!

The Admin and Operator position are not given out unfourtunately but the Trusted and builder are!
Trusted are players who are able to kick players ONLY if necessary and also have more permissions i.e /tp /calladmin /stoplag

Builder is a rank for builders who take Creative to the next level. They get basic worldedit commands to enhance their builds even more and are able to help people with any kind of help
(Builders do need to have experience in worldedit so that we can have full trust that they know what they are doing)

Staff and moderators:
Owner - cubestuff101
Admin - ebro1601, Athall3
Builder - (Soon to be more!)
Trusted - (Soon to be more!)
Donator - (Still has to be setup!)


Server Specs
32 slots
4 Gb ram

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