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Tekkit with a REAL Economy and EE Enabled! 600+ Sl


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What is Five Kingdoms?

Five Kingdoms is the most advanced, and largest Tekkit server around. We feature over 600 player slots in 5 separate clouded worlds that are all connected through global chat and the same economy! You can access each through quick-travel portals available at spawn. We use many plugins that are updated constantly by our staff to keep gameplay as enjoyable as possible! You can find a stable economy, despite inclusion of EE. We have chest shops, a PVP world for those who enjoy stabby-stab, and even our own easy to use custom plugin for protection of land! If you are looking for a Tekkit server that carries on the spirit of progression and achievement, without sacrificing any of the fun, check us out!

Tired of servers with no staff around to help you in your moment of need?
We have over 15 capable staff members who are on around the clock to assist you!


At Five Kingdoms we have a purely player based economy powered by player shops and private trading. Our key feature is a program of item restriction to maintain a steady economy and prevention of deflation. This program restricts certain Equivalent Exchange items until players reach a high enough rank to use the items. This creates an economy and community where players are always working towards the next tier. We've put plenty of thought in to how to include EE without killing the challenge or economy. Although are system is easy to understand, and anyone can rise to the top, you definitely won't get there on day one. Everything you earn is your achievement, and puts you ahead of everyone else.

Think it is impossible to have a working economy with EE?

Guess again, we did it. Come check out or unique system that makes Tekkit fun
and challenging again!


Regulars - 6 hours of online time or $15,000
Laborer - 24 hours of online time or $100,000
Freelancer - 42 hours of online time $250,000
Engineer - $250,000
Marketer - $500,000
CEO - $750,000
Tycoon - $1,000,000

Think there is no challenge left in Tekkit?

Let's see you become the first Tycoon on the server!

Our Hardware

Xeon E3 1230 CPU x2
32GB Ram
256gb SSD
1TB Backup HDD
1GB/s Lan

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