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we used to run a server years ago, and we decided to start a fresh with a new server and use all of our experiance to create
something better, this is a server were you can basicaly do what you want except hack and grief. we have good admin support and we are fair and for the players.

bad server. laggy and poorly made.
Posted 23rd Feb 2017
was ban when i joined the server.. i tryed to run thru spawn and got ban for idk what.. please either fix your plugins or fix your server.
Posted 24th Jan 2017
Great community perfect for those players of Tekkit who want a enjoyful experience without paying. Gives you 100% Freedom to play how you want and is extremely fair to all legit players. Owner is both fair and helpful. Again perfect for anyone wanting to play Multiplayer Tekkit without worrying about cheaters or grievers. It is up a majority of the time and owner is always working on improving it. Help is given to anyone who wants it or needs it. Lots of fun!
Posted 12th Jan 2017
BEST SERVER EVER it's really good
Posted 2nd Jan 2017
Got banned for hacking which i was not doing. It is the most shittiest server as have no ranks nothing spawn a shit hole and tommycraft does not help one bit. They arn't helpful and Sprite is a cunt.
Posted 31st Dec 2016
Banned me when i reported in a dupe, thats just wrong.
Posted 30th Dec 2016