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Tekkit World Classic IP

Tekkit World Classic IP:


We are a dedicated server with a great community and friendly staff who are they dedicated and have been playing for many years. We have different add ons such as players shops and different minigames. Join today to get a head start upon other players who join later on. We are an anti grief community making sure all your buildings are safe and we ensure you don't leave your items behind. We are a new community so we are happy for every single player to join and we will help out as much as possible, due to this we are also looking for new staff such as admins and moderators for the ones who join early. We determine that there is no lag on this server and if there is we will do everything possible to get rid of it so your have a smooth running tekkit experience with a 24/7 uptime on the server. as the server is new we are on every day for hours on end producing new things such as different mini games for everyone to play as an entire server to improve our community. Join today we are looking forward to seeing you!


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