This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Lets Play Legit!!!
Server IP:
New IP - Last host is trying to sue me. Sorry for the trouble
Don't ask for Op or Items, You'll be ignored
Respect everyone
Don't grief, dupe or exploit hacks
No spawn killing
Keep reactors safe
Build at least 200 blocks from spawn

Become a VIP by donating
Donations are what will keep this server running for the most part. All we ask is for £2 if possible more.
If you donate you'll get exclusive log in rights to the server, $2000 in game currency and be able to use /tpa!
We will also World guard your house!
Among other things.

Banned items
There are a few banned items to stop grievers with certain tools that aren't logged with the roll-back plug-in

Cenotaph – Uses a chest out of inventory upon death (To prevent people pvping for loot)
CoreProtect – Rollback
Tree Assist – Saves cutting the entire tree, huh?
LWC – Place locks on chests, doors and more!
World guard – Protects land
World Edit
Disable Craft – Stopped people crafting banned items

All players including staff are playing legit. Only times we will play outside of our rules are for communal builds. I.E making markets, spawns, etc.
Server has changed host due to issues, sorry about the trouble caused.

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