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Hardcore Darwinism - No factions - EE Disabled - G

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There's a bit of information you need to know before you start playing on our server. First off, Hardcore Darwinism is a traditional raid and grief style server. What does this mean? A traditional raid and grief server means that if you find someones items or base you are allowed to kill them, blow up there base, and basically destroy and take anything they own. With that being said, Factions are disabled. Why you ask? Factions devalue traditional raid as they let you keep your base and contain things such as chest protection.

Second off, Equivalent Exchange is disabled on this server. EE lets players obtain end game items in a matter of hours. This ruins Tekkit as players can easily obtain all of the best items and easily rebuild if they lose their bases. EE typically makes other mods underutilized because once a player has a condenser they don't really need to work for their items. This is a hardcore server, so I feel as if the game play should be engaging and challenging: You should feel rewarded for your hard work rather than feel as if you cheated for your items.

TL;DR EE is disabled because it devalues the game play due to players being able to obtain all endgame items in a matter of hours.

I know what your thinking "Stupid server no factions or EE what a waste! >:D >:D >:D >:D" Not necessarily, try out the other mods in Tekkit. Machines, computercraft, nuclear reactors, quantum armor, etc etc. There's more to Tekkit than overpowered (basically creative mode) Equivalent Exchange.

Now onto the rules!

Please read and respect all rules. There is a zero tolerance policy for rule breakers. Anyone caught breaking any of the rules will get a 1 hour temporary ban. If caught again you will be permanently banned from the server.

1) Do not use any cheats, mods, or hacked clients. This in itself is self explanatory. It gives you an unfair advantage and takes away the "hardcore" part of the gameplay.

2) Do not attempt to grief or destroy the spawn area. With EE disabled and the protection plugins, it's almost near impossible to grief the spawn. However, if you happen to find a way to do it. Don't. It's annoying and will result in a ban.

3) Do not advertise other servers.

4) Do not spam the chat. We have an anti-spam plugin that ill auto-kick and mute you if you spam

5) DO NOT ASK FOR ADMIN/OP/MOD. This rule is underlined because it's my biggest pet peeve. We don't need help with the server. We don't need builders. This is highly annoying and will just result in a kick.

6) Use common sense, swearing is allowed but keep racism out of it.

7) Don't whine about server rules or banned items. Don't like them? Leave the server. I'm not trying to win a popularity contest. I'd rather have a stable server with a small community than an unregulated server with no stability.

With that being said, I hope you chose to stay on our server!

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