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The server's spawn.

HexaHedronic Tekkit Classic

This server is completely fresh, with 2 days of test uptime before the list, so we have a very empty map and no proper spawn as of yet.

Unlike the majority of the servers you will see in modern-day minecraft, our server is fully dedicated so any issues we incur can be resolved easily.

Our concept...

Our server is for those among us who do not care for fancy spawns, mob arenas or other gimmicks, but rather for a decent server, with a community ran by people who know what they are doing.

Despite having enumerable plugins we strive to keep the server load down, and avoid bombarding players with hundreds of thrown together additions with no real purpose in the world.

We don't have multiple worlds, we don't have multiple servers running skyblock or other gimicks, we don't have some elaborate system to make you want to give us money.


Because this is a Tekkit Classic server, not some elaborate buisness that prays on children..

Our Rules...

As long as you act generally mature, these should be a given.

  • Thou shall not meme.
  • Thou shall not spam.
  • Thou shall not advert.
  • Thou shall not grief.
  • Thou shall not cheat.
  • Thou shall not douchebag.
  • Thou shall not disrespect.
  • Thou shall not rage.
  • Thou shall not kill Tailly.

Alongside these is our relatively small list of banned items.

  • Mercurial Eye
  • Nukes
  • Nova TNT
  • MFFS Block Breaker Upgrade
  • (More may be added if deemed to be an almost exclusive griefing tool.)

All of which have un-banned counterparts, or are used SOLELY for griefing.

Our Server...

Plugins you can use:

  1. Towny Advanced
  2. Chest Shop
  3. MCMMO

Other plugins we have:

  • Essentials
  • Clear Lagg
  • World Edit
  • World Guard
  • Vault
  • Group Manager
  • Core Protect
  • Tekkit Restrict
  • World Border

As a precaution to reduce the server's load, players are kicked after 30 minutes of idling. Do not attempt to bypass this unless you wish to incur our wrath.

We also have a worldborder set 10k blocks each direction from spawn. This stops players becominbg very spread out and extreme lag, but leaves enough room for building and getting away from populated areas.

Our community...

You may have noticed that we are neither tagged as 'All Ages' nor '18+', that is because while we do allow all ages to play on our server, we expect behaviour similar to adults; you will never be banned for BEING 12, but you will get banned for consistently ACTING 12.

If you are easily offended, or believe that servers should police the chat to stop people's feelings getting hurt, then this is not a server for you.

Although we pride ourselves on the level of freedom of speech in discussions, please remember, the admins are volunteers, and don't need a reason to ban you, so don't push your luck with them.

Our Steam Group
Our GitHub
Our Website

(We do not have minecraft specific forums, you can use the tekkit subforum on our main forums, or the steam group)

And unveiling the most groundbreaking feature..

No 'donator-only' features, whatsoever.

Rather than a lot of servers which have thousands of different ranks you can buy with real money, giving you advantages over other players; accelerating you to the end-game, we have only a single 'Vip' rank, for those who support us or who make contributions major enough to warrant us rewarding them.

This rank comes with exemption from the AFK kick. Nothing else.

Never again will you see a battle where people win based purely on the amount of money they are willing to fork over to a server.

If you made it to the bottom and are still interested in joining, we will see you there.

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