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Quantumcraft {Towny} {Looking For Staff} {PvP} {Do


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Quantum Craft?
I swear ive herd that name before? Yes this is that server that no one went on.... because the server was in bad condition. The dedicated was dying. Now the server is back up running on 8gb ram NO Lag and we are looking for a community, staff members.

Blacklisted Items?
Of course there is blacklisted items, for obvious reassons E.g. Dupe glitches.
The blacklisted items we currently have banned for everyone are:

Nukes (Obvious Reassons)
Industrial Tnt
Nova Catalysts
Nova Cataclysms
Computer Craft Disk Drives (Dupe Glitch)
Red Matter Furnace
Evertide Amulet
Volcanite Amulet
Black Hole Band
Void Ring
Hyperkinetic Lens
Anchor Cart
Tnt Cart
Catalytic Lens
All Gem Armor
Crafting Table III
Project Table

Donator Only Allowed Items:
Destruction Catalyst- Diamond Tier
Dark Matter Tools- Iron Tier+
Red Matter Tools-Gold Tier+
Mecurial Eye-Diamond Tier
Swift Wolfs Rending Scale-Stone+
Mk3 Collectors-Iron+
World Anchors-Diamond+ (Only Gets 2)


Don't Be Rude To Admins/Owners
Don't Ask For Ranks/Op/Creative/TP's/Items/Weather/Time
Don't Steal
Don't Grief
No Drop Parties
No Hacking
Don't Advertise

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