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Hello and welcome to Stryka we are a Tekkit server! Instructions to the install is on the webpage. We have good staff, decent plugins, and lore! We do not have EE. Limited PVP for events only. The rules are no PVP aka killing, no stealing, no griefing, and be respectful to fellow players. The community is friendly and respectful the staff are helpful and do not harass players. Here we do not have donations or favoritism everyone is equal and the owner pays for the host out of pocket through this there is no donor packs that make one person better than the rest. We are clean cut and for the player the owner addresses server issues directly and is on pretty much daily. The staff and players are entitled to an opinion. Overall we focus on equality as much as possible. Stryka was founded on respect. I the owner have lots of experience with major servers and over time became annoyed with various owners ignorance and theft from the players. Stryka itself has plenty of experience the majority of its staff have been staff on other major servers for one to two years and Stryka itself is seven months old. The lore has its own interesting flavor we may eventually make a YouTube series based off of it one day. For now we have two videos on this and one of them is on our webpage. I do hope that you enjoy your stay at StrykaCraft and have a wonderful day! ^_^

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