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Tekkit Turtorial

Server Information:

Tekkit Classic Version: 3.1.2

Minecraft Version: 1.2.5


About Us:

At Tekkit Avalanche we try our best to make our players content whilst playing on our server. We have a dedicated software developer, and a dedicated staff team. We take suggestions to heart, if they’re suggestions that will make the player experience better, we will try our best to make it work out!

Tired of being griefed after working hard and building your factories? We have a plugin that allows you to claim your buildings, and trust your friends if you want!

Q: What if my friend griefs me?

A: We have another plugin that detects who breaks, and places blocks.

We know how much it sucks to die and lose all your items, therefore we have ‘KeepInventory’.


  • Mall

  • Spawn

  • PvPArena

  • MobArena


    Custom Plugins:

• CapsBlock (Blocks the excessive use of Caps)

• TPSBooster (Boosts the Server’s Ticks Per Second)

• CreativeNerf (Prevents the dropping of items while in creative)

Common/Downloaded Plugins:

  • GroupManager

  • Essentials

  • MobArena

  • WorldBorder

  • WorldGuard

  • Votifier

  • WorldEdit


Owners Email:

Owner's Skype: (Email me for it)

Owner's Enjin: ice_man24

Or, contact me by submitting a ticket/thread on my website!

Enjoy the Server!

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