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DragonsCraft! [Survival!] [Mob Arena!] [Factions!]


Hello! And Welcome to DragonsCraft!

Here at DragonsCraft, we've had a rough past, with Rough Admins, bad griefings, and over all laziness when it comes to server maintenance.

However, things have changed. Our last Admin, HLC7777777, Or, Henry, as some of us called him, is no longer a part of the server. He's been removed completely.

We've Also done a few things to help everyone out:

-I've Completely reset the world, Everyone was reset, no items from the old world was kept, and everyone started fresh.

  • Adding new things for common players to do. For example:
    -Working on a new PvP World, That will be complete separate from the normal world.

    • Restrictive Staff, Which means several things. No one will get "Operator" or "OP" Except me. And Creative will only be in control, by me.
    • Soon to add a new "Creative" World, which will have Set limits, but allow you to build and create as you please.
  • Worked a lot on Permissions and Grief Prevention.

    • I've recently linked CoreProtect and several other Databases to the server, so you can rest assured, that if damage is done, it can be helped and fixed quickly.
  • General Niceness

  • Website Management (will) Get better, I need to move hosts, the one I have is flooded with Spam (Donations?).

Overall, This server is pretty bare minimum, Nothing huge, nothing super complex, general, down to earth staff, Pretty responsive, But remember, we're humans too.

Stated before, we're pretty basic. No Staff will have creative, Including myself. Everything every staff member builds will be out of his own materials.

Things such as Time changes, Weather changes, and World Edit, won't be in heavy usage. In fact, all Time and Weather will remain unchanged. World Edit only used to do Server builds, by myself.

We do have Rules, Like everyone should. Again, Pretty Basic.

  1. No Griefing
  2. No Spamming
  3. Be Nice
  4. Watch the Language (Limited Censorship, Kids play this game)
  5. Be Nice, No one likes a Jerk,
  6. Have fun!
  7. Banned Items (With Reasons! )

We Don't /need/ Donations, but donations will do wonders for us.

So come one down and have a good time!

  • Duncan (aka Djdragon44)

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