This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Ancient Craft[TEKKIT|FACTIONS|PVP|24/7]


Ancient Craft is BACK!

Ancient Craft, nearly a year and a half old, has a long and storied history. Griefers, leaders, and merchants have all left their mark on the server... What will you do?


  • Constantly developing: We're always adding new things to do!
  • Experience the thrill and espionage of Factions. Nuke your enemies, conquer the world, and claim yourself the ultimate nation.
  • An active player-base. More People = More Fun
  • A HUGE open world to mine and explore; hundreds and hundreds of sq. kilometers to conquer!
  • A rough economy still in the works planned to be fully implemented soon.
  • And above all, the massive overhaul: Tekkit paves the way for great times. Want to drop a nuke on your enemy, go right ahead! Build a lava-powered cookie factory underneath Mt. Doom? Feel free.
  • Weekly events and active admins. End of the world PVP events, pig races, and even arena battles.


  1. Racism, Trolling and Sexism is prohibited.
  2. Exploiting a glitch, bug or oversight will get a ban. However, we are understanding and accidents do happen.
  3. Camping or raiding new players is evil, and might get a kick or ban.
  4. The administration team has full right to interpret the rules, and has final say on all matters.

Owner: Staffenburg
Admin: Mrdraco999, Cetracey
Head Moderators: Cut31, Mrbeyblade1997
Moderator: Loipers, Cotra700, itsamanda2011
Guardians: DeImmortal, Catallan, SonVegeta, Sonic_Arrow

Obvious information is obvious To play you must have Tekkit installed.
The server is PVP. Anything outside of spawn can be blown to pieces/raided. Factions, the player based anti-grief pluggin, only prevents block breakage by hand and will not stop an explosion.

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