This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Tekkit Lite - Bedrock Hardcore


Server Runs: Tekkit LITE v0.5.3

Take the challenge of being restricted to 1024x1024 hand generated Tekkit Lite map. There are no rules, no protection, no EE3 to help you, and no Mystcraft to get you out of the box.

(After many generation crashes, the massive lava pool has been removed. We're back online! Enjoy the coal!.)


  • 8 Slots
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Deathbans: SOON
  • Superflat Swamp and Tunneler's Delight below
  • Tekkit Does Generate Everything It Should Provide
  • Enough coal to quench generators while cowering in your base.
  • Custom Restricted 64x64 Nether (Blaze Spawners are available, find them.)
    Forced build-height restriction to keep you contained.

No rules.

Grief Protection:

Removed Mods:
EE3, Mystcraft


  • Diminished Nukes.
  • Chunk Loaders Require Fuel.
  • Buildcraft Pipes Explode Easily.
  • Turtles Require Fuel.
  • Region Files outside of the map will be deleted.

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