This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Eyetek Survival Server


Eyetek is a survival server based around a friendly and welcoming community.
30 slots. All admins are 18+. We are really looking for mature adult members but all ages are welcome. We are a mature server so if cursing or name calling bothers you this isnt the server for you.

Note: Acting like a child, trash talking the server, or being rude to members or staff will get you banned. This is a no bullshit server. Just play the game or find a different one.

We use a plugin called griefprevention to claim your land and LWC to lock all your items. If you claim your land you can never be griefed on this server.

Upon entering type /rules to see our banned items list.


No Griefing, Raiding, or Stealing. PvP is off. We not have a permissions system or any sort of ranking. Its a survival server so survive...

If you are looking for a survival server and a great community this is the server for you. Plus we have unicorns and stuff. We also raffle off enchanted items. Such as, Silk touch picks.

Banned Items, If you dont agree with a banned item, we don't care. You telling us "Its stupid that you banned quantum" is just going to piss us off. Its all banned for reasons. You crying over it will do nothing.

DM pedestal
Nova catalyst
Nova cataclysm
ALL Red matter tools
ALL Dark matter tools
Infernal armor
Transmutation tablet(s)
Destruction Catalyst
Catalytic lens
Volcanic amulet
Black hole band
Ring of ignition
Hyperkinetic lense
Black hole chest
Crystal chest
Ender chest
Watch of flowing time
Zero ring
Ring of arcana
Sticly dynamite
World anchor
Dimensional anchor
Mining laser
Industrial alarm
Howler alarm
Quantumsuit Boots
Quantumsuit Leggings
Quantumsuit Bodyarmor
Quantumsuit Helmet
Cannon Bamm
Block cutter upgrade
Crystal Chests
Philosphers Stone

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