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Gmg Towny Reloaded is a towny based server With a couple of mods.
Better Storage
Carpenter's Mod
Moe's Creatires
More ore
To Join us:

  1. Go to Download the launcher and install
  2. log in then click on Add New Pack
  3. Copy then paste it into the window that pops up
  4. login like nowmal and see you there.
    Server IP:
    How to Make Money,
    ~ kill mobs to make more $ faster go to the RESOURCE World an kill mobs in there where they are worth more
    ~ buy a shop plot in your town set up a shop and sell things that you mine, make or find

    How to Join a Town
    ~hope on server, do /t list will show u a list of towns go visit them find the best fit for u then ask to join the town or do /town join TOWNNAME

    Every few weeks the rewards for the votes will change, but you will always receive something for voting. Sometimes items, sometimes items money and sometimes just money.

    Can you work by yourself in the wild
    YES you can, but it is highly recommended that you join a town and keep your valuables in your house in town as that is the only place that is 100% safe from people finding them and taking them.

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