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Minecolt Network

Minecolt Network - Tekkit Legends & Tekkit Classic


Minecolt Gaming!

Tekkit Legends: Version: 1.1.1
Tekkit Classic: Version: 3.1.2
FTB Ultimate: Version: 1.1.2
FTB Infinity: coming soon!

Why choose us?
Our active devs are working around the clock to provide an experience nowhere else. Using custom plugins and modifying existing plugins we have created an enhanced stability monitor for all our servers. Unlike most servers we choose to patch items and dupes rather than ban them. This allows players to use almost every item in the game, the way its supposed to be used!

No Lag!
All our servers run off dedicated machines with 300+ GB/s uplinks. Each server is assigned a minimum of 32 gigs of ram alongside our 3.5GHz 12 Core Processor to create a high-end stable connection. Furthermore we have gone and optimized the java setup itself changing software and API's to allow a much more stable server, an experience you cannot get anywhere else!

We have a very friendly community full of people who love both the mods themselves and the server. All our staff are trained to handle almost any situation without being complete tools, combine this with our fantastic playerbase to insure you have many people to play with! We have an interactive site that allows you to get in contact with the staff team or your friends.

From being a staff member on here I can confirm that they proxy vote, are profit hunters and I can't say the owner puts much effort in.
Posted 14th Sep 2016
I love this server! I have looked at a few others but this one is by far and away the best I have seen. The staff on it are incredibly active and helpful. Items are only banned if absolutely necessary such as explosives. I have had not a single ounce of lag since I started even with many of my machines and factories running at once. The friendly environment makes it easy to get started and make new friends. With there being many mods all the staff are hard at work making sure they are knowledgeable and ready to help you.

I was new to the Tekkit Legends modpack (coming from Tekkit Classic) and this server has given me a whole new interest in the game. This server also has many perks that others don't have such as a public machine room where anyone can privately use IC2 machines if they need something done quickly. This lets you land with your feet running to making your very own base. There are also player shops, admin shops, very fun mini games being added, and a separate world for quarries so you don't have to ruin the look of the area around you.

Unlike some other servers this one allows you to have emc farms! This server also has two others on different modpacks to accommodate to your liking. If FTB Ultimate is not for you? Try Tekkit Legends. And vice versa. You can tell that the sole goal of this server is to make you have the best time possible and make new friends. These are only a fraction of the amazing aspects of this server.

I hope you choose this server to start or continue your journey in Minecraft.
Posted 19th Aug 2016
This server is amazing!!!!! REALLY REALLY friendly staff . They will help you WITH ANYTHING! I love this server great survival server even has public machines to start of you survival journey!!. PERFECT TL SERVER!
Posted 19th Aug 2016