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About Us:
PeanutPVP is a server that was started to provide fun gameplay for people looking for a cooperative community and controlled, fun PVP. We strive to offer diverse gameplay through the use of plugins, and a dedicated and responsible staff. The plugins that we use include many features that keep the server interesting.


  • Towny
    Create towns with your friends and go to war on a global scale!
  • iConomy
    Manage and grow your own bank account!
  • RPGItems
    Obtain rare and powerful items that enhance gameplay!
  • Lockette
    Protect your valuables!
  • Dungeons
    Test your skill and earn rare loot!
    Earn Moneys!

To do:

  • Add a map reset feature for the Dungeons
  • Hire a Moderator/builder
  • Build more towns
  • Build an arena
  • Bring in more people
  • Set up Donations
  • Set up voting

Founder & Owner: jpassoff32 (Thepass)
Techie: PeanutTheMan
Admin: Mysed
Mod: nukethief (Mr_Taco)
Mod: krnsam98 (Rainicorn)
Mod: Open

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