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[3.1.2]Tekheads[PvP][50+ slots][OPEN BETA][Grief P


Server IP:
Vent info:
Port: 38838

Welcome to the Tekheads server! We are currently in an open beta status. What this means is we will be going through some changes over the next few weeks as players report issues/bugs with the server. We are looking for some dedicated players who will be able to play on the server and give us suggestions on how to make the player experience the best it can possibly be. We are a brand new server, so there are no pictures currently. Once there are some nice builds we will get some pictures/videos. We plan on using Towny for more group orientated building. I really love the whole "Towny day war" thing. The surviving towns will be receiving a special token that only kings will be able to use, which allow them to buy special items like nano sabers, pieces of quantum, resources, and other cool prizes. Grief Prevention will still be available for those who don't want to be in a town. We also plan on having treasure chests that are lootable once, and some that are only available to certain ranks. These chests can either have set items in them, like dungeon rewards, or completely random loot! There will be dungeons and courses built that will have special rewards, and may even have a price for entering.

We want to give the player a fun experience so they can really use most items in tekkit. Why go mining ever again if you can just get some iron by dumping trash into a condenser? Why build any of the cool balkin's weapons if pvp is disabled? Why use minecarts/jetpacks if you can just /warp anywhere and fly?

Expected uptime: 24/7 is the goal, may have occasional outages while in beta.


Owner: Dr Shankums
Admins: Slummy1492, Sadalsuud98
Mods: Muffincake121, Jacobb1291
(Please do not ask to be a builder/mod/admin/etc. You will NEVER be considered for the position. All staff will be selected by the current staff)

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