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[TEKKIT 3.1.3] LiveWire! [Ranks] [No-Whitelist]

Server ip:

LiveWire is a small new server, beta opened to the public 8/3/2012. Some of the features we have include:

  • Interesting ranks and unlocks!

  • Player based economy. Owner is the only one who can spawn items, and no he will not.

  • Stealing and PVP are allowed!

  • Regioning (Using WorldGuard) and town building is encouraged! (You can disable PVP/stealing in your regions).

  • Hard difficulty!! (Work together or play smart).

  • No Greifing! Greifing is defined on the LiveWire forums. Worlds are backed up and watched with HawkEye to protect against greifing.

  • EE mod is partially enabled! Redmatter and Darkmatter tools and armour are still in the game (And are rare powerful items!). No other items from EE are enabled.

Visit for the full rules list, ranks perks, and donator perks!

Rank summary below:

Alt text

Here are the results of our first PVP tournament (impossible to read here check out our forums!):

Alt text

**Also looking for mods and eventually and admin. If you are mature and motivated individual, I encourage you to join up!

See you there!

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