This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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TechTreck Tekkit Classic


A Cracked Tekkit Classic Greifing And Raiding server Factions|24/7|Great Staff!

Here is a current list of banned items:
Abyss Helmet
Anchor Cart
Automatic Crafting Table
Automatic Crafting Table MkII
Black Hole Band
Catalytic Lens
Dark Matter Hammer
Dark Matter Pedestal
Destruction Catalyst
Diamond Bore Head
Diamond Hammer
Dimensional Anchor
Divining Rod III
Evertide Amulet
Feed Station
Forcefield Block Cutter Upgrade
Forcefield Zapper Upgrade
Frame Motor
Golden Hammer
Harvest Goddess Band
Howler Alarm
Industrial Alarm
Infernal Armor
Iron Bore Head
Iron Hammer
Mercurial Eye
Nova Cataclysm
Nova Catalyst
Philosopher's Stone
Red Matter Furnace
Red Matter Hammer
Red Matter Katar
Red Matter Morning Star
Ring of Arcana
Ring of Ignition
Steel Bore Head
Stone Hammer
Tank Cart
Tesla Coil
Tunnel Bore
Void Ring
Volcanite Amulet
Watch of Flowing Time
Wooden Hammer
Work Cart
World Anchor

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