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3.2.1 RTKZ Tekkit - Survival and Madness!


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls!
Welcome to our little Tekkit server,

We aren't a huge fancy server, we are but a small server. If you're expecting a huge city with tonnes of player run shops, you'll be disappointed, with that said it would be nice to get a small community running if the server gains popularity.

Our Glorious, GLORIOUS spawn zone
Alt text

Castle Cobblestone - Under construction
Alt text

The King of the Castle speaks with His Guards. A siege is due... Will the King survive? Or will anarchy rein? - A Mini-game on the server
Alt text

Once you've Joined this server, you're presented with a Choice: Either follow the Path of Magic, or the path of Science... Both sides have equal strengths and weaknesses. Join up with people who follow your path or live on your own, form a town defend against the mobs, work together to race to the moon. Everything is possible, the limit is but your imagination and the Resources you can find... Good Luck out there. A word of advice: If you see a Sticks Co. Sign being erected near by, it may be a good idea to be moving soon...

We run a minimal number of mods, other than the Default Tekkit Classic mod pack, these include:
World Edit
World Guard
No Item
Permissions EX (PEX)
Choptree 2
Protection Stones

Expected Up Time:

This server is run on a Dedicated Server Located in Holland, the expected up time is 24/7

Server rules:

No PvP – Except in designated PvP zones
No Griefing
No cheating (This includes the use of X-Ray Packs)
Do not impersonate Staff
Do not attempt to use or bypass items on the banned items list*

*Banned Items
Philosopher's Stone - Use banned. This item can still be crafted, but not used with left or right click
Catalytic Lens
Destruction Catalyst
Evertide Amulet
Harvest Goddess Band
Black Hole Band
Ring of Ignition (All Versions)
Void Ring
Mercurial Eye
Mercurial Eye
Ring of Arcana
Swift Wolf's Rending Gale (A.K.A Swift wolf's) - Use Banned. This item can still be crafted and used for its flying ca
Watch of Flowing time (all Versions)
Volcanite Amulet
Red Matter Furnace
Nova Catalyst
Nova Cataclysm
Dimensional Anchor
Tank Cart
World Anchor
Anchor Cart
Work Cart
Dark Matter Pedestal

Industrial credits - Crafting banned, due to them being used as server currency. The Current exchange rate is 2 Diamonds to One Credit

These Items are banned for reasons of Server safety. Any users caught with any of the above listed items will have the banned items stripped from them and may be banned.

Our website: [URL=''][/URL]
Our Forums: [URL=''] - Under Section "Forums"[/URL]

Like us on Facebook! [URL][/URL]

Donations are[B] NOT [/B]required, but are appreciated to keep the server running

[URL='']Paypal Donations via this link[/URL]

Our VIP/Donation shop is now available! - [URL='']Here[/URL]

Update News:
Our PvP arena is currently available to the public, however fighting will not begin unless an admin is present

Work on a New world is currently underway, it'll be a secret...


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