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Regular minecraft till tekkit updates sorry.


"Mythril [Tekkit]"

The community of mythril is looking for players that are mature

and also creative.

Mythril offers many futures

such as LWC, iconomy, falsebook, chestshop, logblock, worldguard, Multiverse, Mob Arena, Factions and

great other plugins.

The server is hosted off a server hosting website

called Aim2Game so far it has served us greatly.

We Also Support This European Server Hoster

The server has 75 slots so don't worry there is room for

You, but let’s say the server is full then not a problem because

If you contribute to the server you can join the server even if its


We are not like any other server because we don't make you

Donate to have all the great commands such as /set home

Multiple, /cprivate, /TPA, /tpahere, and much other...

When you contribute to the server you will be treated as a


But that does not mean you can just break rules at your will

The rules still apply to contributors, But if someone steals from

You, you might get your items back and the problem handled.

When you join the server right now there is not that many

Players so the chat may seem dead, But if you Start

Conversations it could lead to friendships and much more!

Like any other server we have a staff, but we are not looking

For more staff so if you ask you will be ignored.

Come Join MythRil Today!

Forum Address


  1. You Can Greif Just Don't Overdo It.

  2. You Can Steal.

  3. Don’t Cheat.

  4. You Can PvP Just Don't Be an ass.

  5. No Spamming.

  6. No Advertising.

  7. Don’t Be A Sad K*nt.

  8. Respect Admins And They Will Respect You.

  9. You Should Register To The Forum.

Regular Ranks



Donor Ranks



Sick K*nt



Helper Daft_Punk_515

Enforcer Ikuris

Advertiser avskating

Engineer Rusted Popsicle

Admin lazer5627

Head Admin RKTT103

Creator Shabbyhalo

Server Specs.

Intel Xeon (server grade) processor

32 GB ram

SSD drive

Banned Items.

Destruction Catalyst


That’s It

Everything Else is allowed.

Server ip Subject to change!

Current ip:

Future ip:

Notice asking for a staff position will result in a ban

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