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We are currently hosting an unofficial server for the Tekkit Legends modpack, the successor to the classic Tekkit pack many loved.

We do our best to provide you with a lag-less and nice gaming experience with the Tekkit Legends modpack. To enhance this experience, we provide you with some great plugins on our server, for example to claim your land, set homes, teleport, multiworlds, enable / disable pvp, create shops, build up skill, jobs and many more!

On our server you can play the "freebuild-way" together with your friends or alone! Simply join and have fun exploring the fields and mines of this beautiful Modpack.

If you got any questions / suggestions or want to get in contact with us, visit our website for more info!

Reset Mining World
Rebuild Spawn
Moved server to SSD's

Updated to Modpack version 1.0.7
Updated permissions
Added second Mining (/warp Mining2)

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