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Our server is one of the best tekkit server's! You will love it playing with us, the 'official' opening is in September and so we have the best possible effect for gaming for your experience with us at Tietekk.

Duping is not not allowed however we discourage it as after all it is a survival tekkit server however the banned items are:Nukes/Nova Catalysts/Nova Cataclysm/ Most explosives, world and dimensional anchors, computers, Teleport pipes, Hyperkinetic & Catalytic lens, black hole Chest, black hole Band, Watcj of flowing time, Crystal chests, Musket, Blunderbuss, Crossbow (death.weapon) Volcanic and evertide amulet, void ring, cf-sprayer and gem Armour!

Rules are simple and easy to follow:
Rule 1- No hacking {x-ray, nodus}
Rule 2- Be nice to other players
Rule 3- Do not tick off staff
Rule 4- Do not ask for ranks apart from default ranks
Rule 5- Do not ask for gamemode or items
Rule 6- Laggy projects such as huge BDCraft quarries
Rule 7- No excessive slaughter of players
Rule 8- Do not advertise other server's and/or links
Fearghal Wade
Rule 9- Do not store spawned in items unless from voting or the Drop arena

We hope you enjoy your stay, it's good to have you with us even if it's just for the day! Report any grief to staff and we will help you out! Make sure that you /warp rules to check out the rules and policies, Check out our website at, Need a home, ask our Builder adii for some help! Why don't you vote, you can get $1500, 6 Dark matter and diamond Armour! Need some xp fast!? Try are new obsolete mob arena! Remember duping is not ilegal however staff strongly discourage after all it is a survival server

Head-Mod/Website designer-Wild_thing1

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