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SocialCraft[Tekkit][All Things Works][#20]!!


Hello, we are currently opening a New Social Server where we would like you to join.
You can feel free to do almost anything in the Server.(Ya' know except breaking the rules).

What people we would like to have in the Server

We are in most search of social people who would like to chit chat with other peoples on the server. We will focus more on bringing new and social people into the server rather than improving the Gameplay at the time being.
Nevertheless, we do have some plans lingering within the Gameplay in the future, but i'll wait and see how the Server will turn up to be first before i change anything.


We have very few plugins for the time being, those are: uHome, WorldEdit & WorldGuard.
Also, creepers are still able to damage the Environment!

Also, Here is the uHome Commands:
/sethome - To Set Home
/home - To Go Home

Server Rules
1.Do not Grief or Hack
2.Do not Spam
3.Be polite in our Chat Room
4.Do not Advertise other Servers in our Chat Room
5.Avoid Swearing
6.Respect other Players
7.More to come..

Breaking any of these rules MAY get you Banned

Expected uptime

We do not currently know for how long the Server will be up neither do we know when we will put it up. One thing is for sure, if the Server is getting more active with time, i will make sure to have it opened as long as i can.
Reasons for this is because i would rather host the Server than letting a Bot do the job.
It will be to expensive for a Server like this, besides this is just a test Server so i will focus more on talking with people than fixing plugins and building for the time being.
I will let you know which days the Server will be up soon.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Hopefully i will be able to answer them!
Feedback is allways Appreciated!
Hope to see ya' soon!

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